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Italian Cuisine in miami


+Antipasti [Appetizers]

+Zuppa [Soup]
Crochette della Mamma$9.95
Minestra dei Fagioli$7.95

Home made bechamel Chroquettes.My Mother's recipe

Cannellini bean, baby shells pasta (Vegetarian)

Arancine della Sicilia$11.95

Stuffed rice balls with ground meat, green

Zuppa del Giorno$7.95
Peas and fontina cheese

Soup of the day!

Calamari Fritti$13.95

Fried Squid with tomato sauce

+Insalate [Salads]
Cozze Luciana$11.95
Insalata della Casa$8.95

Mussels in garlic and wine sauce

Mixed greens, apples, roasted pecans, 

Polpette “Infilzate”$11.95
red onions & raisins, with creamy

Homemade skewered meatball

champagne vinaigrette
with our special dipping sauce

Insalata alla Cesare$9.50

Fresh romaine, parmesan shaving and

Fresh chopped tomatoes, garlic, basil

croutons in our caesar dressing
over toasted bread

Insalata Caprese$13.95
Antipasto  Rustico “Il Piatto”$20.95
A classic fresh buffalo mozzarella,

Assortment of marinated vegetables

Tomato & fresh Basil

& Cheese

Pomodoro E Cipolle$8.95
Carpaccio Siciliano$14.95

Sliced Tomatoes & Red Onions

Add Chicken $7.50  Add Shrimp $8.50

Thinly sliced cured filet mignon topped with Shaved parmesan, olive oil & lemon

+Primi Piatti [Pasta]

Fusilli alla Norma$19.95
Involtini de Melenzane$12.95

Pasta with eggplant, tomatoes, basil

Italian eggplant stuffed with ricotta 

& aged ricotta cheese
cheese & baked to perfection

Fettuccine alla Carbonara$19.95
Mozzarella Fritta$9.95

Pasta with pancetta, onions, eggs

Deep fried breaded mozzarella with

& a touch of cream
Herbed tomato sauce

Rigatoni alla Bolognese$19.95
Bruschetta dello Chef$12.95

Pasta with ground meat  & tomato 

Filet medallions, spinach, roasted pepper,

gorgonzola cheese in a red wine demi

Lasagna Bolognese$19.95
glazed over toast bread

Oven baked pasta with meat sauce,

Gamberi Freddi$14.95
Béchamel, mozzarella & parmesan 

Jumbo chilled shrimps served with

Our house cocktail sauce

Linguini alla Vongole$21.95
Oysters (Served in Season)Ask

Italian baby clams, white or red sauce

+Pollo [Chicken]

Spaghetti con Polpette$19.95
Pollo Parmigiana

Meatballs in its own tomato sauce

Breaded breast of chicken, mozzarella

over pasta
Cheese & tomato sauce

Perciatelli al Pesto$21.95
Pollo e Carciofi$22.95

Pasta with Sicilian pesto, made with 

Chicken with artichokes, Sicilian style

fresh Basil, pine nuts, garlic, cream

Pollo Fiorentina$21.95
& pecorino cheese

Grilled chicken breast over fresh

Fettuccine Alfredo$19.95
Sautéed spinach in garlic

Homemade pasta in cream sauce with

Pollo dello Chef$23.25
Pecorino Romano cheese

Chicken breast with grilled eggplant,

Tagliatelle con Salsiccia$21.95

Prosciutto di Parma, & fresh mozzarella

Fresh pasta with ground sausage, basil,

with a touch of tomato & brown sauce

in a homemade tomato sauce
Pollo alla Francese$21.95
Linguini ai Frutti Di Mare$30.95

Chicken breast sautéed in lemon,

Pasta with seafood, Sicilian style

Butter & a touch of garlic

Penne alla Vodka$19.95
Pollo Cordon Bleu$25.95

Penne in creamy Vodka sauce

Chicken breast stuffed with prosciutto &

Ravioli Alessandra$20.95
Fontina cheese, brown sauce &

Spinach & cheese ravioli in pink sauce

mushrooms on top

Gnocchi Samantha$20.95
Pollo alla Siciliana$24.95

Gnocchi with ricotta cheese, peas in

Chicken medallion, breaded, topped with

a light tomato sauce

sliced eggplant, sliced fresh tomato and

Capellini Alessandro$21.95
mozzarella cheese in a light garlic wine sause

Angel’s hair with artichokes, onions,

"All Entrees served with a side of Pasta"

Sun-dried tomatoes & cream
+Manzo [Beef]

Pappardelle Dolce Vita$30.95
Agnello di Late$39.95

Pasta with Zucchini, shrimp, chopped

Char grilled New Zealand lamb chops

Tomatoes, scallops & white wine
Filetto de Manzo al Barolo 10oz$32.95
Paglia e Fieno$22.95

Angus filet mignon grilled to perfection,

Green & white fettuccini with cream,

Rolled with bacon & served with barolo

Ham, mushrooms & peas
Mushroom sauce

Add Chicken $7.50  Add Shrimp $8.50
Bisteca ai Ferri 12oz$31.95
+Vitello [Veal]

Angus N.Y Steak grilled to perfection with

Vitello alla Cacciatora$24.95
a firm texture & full flavor

Chunks of veal with red & green 

"All Entrees served with a side of Pasta"

peppers, onions & tomatoes
+Pesce [Fish]

Vitello alla Milanese$23.95
Dentice alla Francese$24.95

Pan-fried breaded veal

Fresh snapper in flour, egg, butter

Vitello alla Marsala$25.95
Lemon sauce, with a touch of garlic

Veal scaloppini sauteed in Marsala

Gamberetti al Agghiu$24.95

wine sauce with mushrooms

Shrimps sautéed whit garlic in a white

Wine lemon sauce

Vitello Pizzaiola Salvatore$24.95
Zuppa di Pesce Livornese$30.95

Fresh veal sautéed with tasty fresh

Sophisticated stews that include fine fish

plum Tomatoes, basil in  a garlic

Crustaceans & shellfish, serve with melba


Vitello alla Parmigiana$24.95
Salmone al Legno$25.95

Braded veal, melted mozzarella cheese

Wood-roasted salmon oreganato, topped

& tomato sauce

With oranges, lemon & shallots, in a

Nodino di Vitello alla 

Dijon Mustard sauce

Griglia 14oz$42.95
Dentice alla Valeria$24.95

Veal chop marinated in olive oil & garlic

Filet of snapper sautéed in a light tomato

Grilled to your taste
Sauce with capers, black olives & onions

"All Entrees served with a side of Pasta"
Gamberi alla Parmigiana$24.95
+Risotto [Italian Rise]

Lightly breaded shrimps topped with

Risotto Carciofi e Pizelli$26.95
Mozzarella cheese & tomato sauce

Italian rice with artichokes & peas

Cappesante alla Francese$28.95
Risotto alla Palermitana$24.95

Jumbo scallops, flour, eggs, butter

Italian rice with eggplant, Palermo style

Lemon sauce, with a touch of garlic

Risotto Frutti di Mare$30.95

"All Entrees served with a side of Pasta"

Italian rice with Seafood

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry

Risotto Champagne$22.95
seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your

Italian Rice in Champagne sauce
risk of foodborne illness, specially if you have certain medical conditions

+Specialita della casa [Specials]
+Contorni [Side Dishes]

Sausages & Peppers
Steamed Spinach$6.50

Sweet sausages & mix peppers, onions

Sautéed Mushrooms$6.50
& tomatoes
Asparagus in Salsa$8.50
Melazane Parmigiana alla 
Carciofi al Forno$8.50
Pollenta alla Grigia$7.95

Eggplant baked in layers with

Faves (fava Beans)$7.95
parmesan & Mozzarella cheeses,
Sautéed or Steam Broccoli  $6.95
tomato sauce & spices
1 Dozen of Garlic Rolls  $6.00
"All Entrees served with a side of Pasta"
½ Dozen of Garlic Rolls  $3.00

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